Busbar Trunking

Mun Hean has been in partnership with C&S Electric for almost a decade, working together in since the early days to provide power distribution solutions in Philippines. Today, Mun Hean represents C&S Electric busduct and other industrial electrical solutions in South East Asia.

C&S Electric Ltd is a USD 240million group founded in 1966 with a 4000 employment workforce including 400engineers. The company has 20 state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in Belgium, India & China and its products are exported to 88 countries. The group established the Power Busbar Division in 1982 and the manufacture plants are operated with ISO 9001:2008 quality management system in ensuring premium quality of products. There is more than 1000 installation job in various industrial sector has been completed till date.

Mun Hean offers two main categories of power distribution solutions; METABAR and ISOBAR. All of which are tested according to IEC standards (ASTA, KEMA, DAMSTRA, CPRI)

Notable Busduct Projects:

Hotels – HKH Hotel Phillipines, Holiday Inn Kuwait,Westin Hotel Gurgaon India, JW Marriot Chennai India, Shangri-La New Delhi India. 
Data Center – IBM Data Center Noida India, Airtel Data Center Bangalore India
Airport – New Delhi International Airport, Madurai Airport India, Mangalore Airport India
Banking – PS Bank Phillipines, Mandiri Bank Indonesia
Mall – Esplanade Art Center Singapore, Glorietta 5 Phillipines, Maple Tree Mumbai India. 
Factory – Mighty Corp Tobacco Phillipines, Mercedes Car Factory Malaysia, Residential – Thanlyin Starcity Myanmar, Emporium Ballroom Phillipines, Victoria Tower Phillipines, Cebu Tower Phillipines, ICON Residences Phillipines, San Lazaro BPO Phillipines, Manhattan Parkview Phillipines.
Other Industries – Coca Cola Ghaziabad, Ford Chennai India, Suzuki Powertrain India, Appolo Power System. 


The AL/CU conductor is fully enclosed within the specially coated duct and is ranging from 400A to 6600A (Available IP: IP54, IP55, IP65, IP67)

Compact Air Insulated Busduct 
The fine positioned of live conductor is insulated by air and serving the range for lower ampere ratings, ranging from 125A to 2000A.  The popularity lie in METABAR comes with its space savings, reliability in low voltage drop, fire retardant, vibration test, good dielectric properties, and also the convenience & time savings for its installation with the “uniblock” joint system. 

Full solution is provided with the supply of comprehensive elements such as expansion unit, tap-off unit, offset unit, center feed unit, flange end, flange end box, flexible link, spring hanger and more.


Isolated Phase Busduct 

The natural air-cooled Isolated Phase Busduct offers a maximum short circuit current withstand capability of 285KA rms for 1sec and 900KA peak, ranging from 11KV to 36KV up to 28000A.

Segregated Phase Busduct

The segregated phase busduct is a specialized solution for power generating stations and industrial plant, ranging from 3.3 kV to 33 kV up to 5000A.