Ordek Flexible Sotware Platform

Ordek Flexible Software Platform  

Customized software for flexible display of equipment data, reporting, remote logic and self service management. The modern building has gotten more intelligent. New generation of smart equipment brings better energy efficiency performance. However, the task of remote supervision and control has also become more complex. In order to orchestrate this myriad of advanced technology, user will need to make sense of the big picture with minimal training. Many times, user are overwhelmed by excessive information, making it difficult to comprehend the big picture. Ordek is a new bred of technical management software. It allows native communication to many industrial protocol standard, provide highly customizable user interface interactive display and analytic of data into formats that non-technical personnel can make sense of. The platform is built for ease of extension and allow system to grow from a single standalone workstation to a distributed HA architecture that can be accesses anywhere in the world.