Ultra-Capacitor Voltage Stabilizer

Ultra-Capacitor Voltage Stabilizer product from J-Schneider of Germany.

“J-Schneider Elektrotechnik” is a German company specialized in the production of power supplies and power quality conditioning products. Located in the Offenburg region in Germany, J-Schneider has been producing specialized power transformer, switched mode power supplies and ultra capacitor voltage stabilizer to meet the stringent requirement from critical industry needs. These products are used in datacenters, wind turbine generator, high-speed electric train, underground mining machines, medical equipment and automation process plants.

The Ultra-Capacitor Voltage Stabilizer product line comprises of the Protecto-CQ, MLT, ACCTEC, CTEC model range.

  • To protect critical facility and automation production line against Voltage disturbance using ultra capacitor solution.
  • Automation controllers and PLC microprocessor are susceptible to voltage disturbance that can cause logic corruption and stalling of operation.
  • The J-Schneider product uses ultra-capacitor in the product design to achieve a robust, long lifespan and maintenance free solution to uninterruptible power solution.
  • The ACCTEC and CTEC product line are 12/24VDC output type designed to be small in size and fitted directly in the control panel of automation machines.
  • The Protecto-CQ and MLT product line are 230VAC Single Phase and 400VAC Three Phase equipment to be fitted to load bearing machines such as VFD drives and robotic servo.

Benefits of J-Schneider Ultra-Capacitor Voltage Stabilizer:

  • Double conversion isolation from Supply Side providing 100% Voltage Stability against Sag, Swell and Complete Lost of Supply.
  • 20years maintenance free operation lifespan under 35Degree Celsius ambient condition.
  • No emission of flammable gases or acid leakage.
  • No degradation from high number of discharge cycle.
  • Rapid recharge time from full discharge.