Complete Industrial Electrical Solutions: Tuen Mun Hospital and CUHK Medical Centre, Hong Kong

Complete Industrial Electrical Solutions: Tuen Mun Hospital and CUHK Medical Centre, Hong Kong

Mun Hean integrates its four core product expertise; Power Quality, Electrical Protection, Lightning Protection and Industrial Electrical to provide a complete integrated solution to many large-scale projects.

Two high-profile medical facilities in Hong Kong, the expanded Tuen Mun Hospital, and the newly opened CUHK Medical Centre are such examples. Multiple phases of installation were completed at the end of 2020.


The Tuen Mun Hospital was constructed in 1979 and during that time, was the largest hospital under construction in the world. Since 2017, the hospital went through several phases of large-scale expansion and renewal. With about 2,000 beds, 24-hours A&E, a recently established trauma unit and neo-natal ICU, it is the primary public emergency and medical facility serving the New Territorties in Hong Kong.

The Tuen Mun Hospital expansion project was designed by WSP and commissioned with an extensive range of solutions from Mun Hean. The hospital is installed with over 800 units of Janitza UMG96RM power meters and 120 units UMG509 PQ analysers. This is powered by Mun Hean’s propriety DaxView EMS software, which was fully customized for the project. To complete the PQ requirements, Mun Hean supplied Vishay capacitors banks and 6000A of Sinexcel active harmonic filters in the hospital. The hospital is also installed with Helita E.S.E lightning conductor, an advance lightning protection system from France designed-in by the Mun Hean lightning protection team.


CUHK Medical Centre is a private general hospital located in Ma Liu Shui, New Territorties. The self-financed private teaching hospital was opened on 6 Jan 2021 boasts the latest state-of-the art medical facilities. CUHK was designed to be Hong Kong’s first ‘smart hospital’, using electronic medical record system, a one-stop service platform and adopting Industry 4.0 to improve efficiency.

The project was designed by JRP engineering consultancy was installed with a full range of power solutions by Mun Hean. The power monitoring system is powered by DaxView and integrated with over 200 units of Janitza UMG96RM power meters and 150 units of UMG509 power analysers. Mun Hean also supplied the Vishay capacitor banks as well as 8000A of Sinexcel active harmonic filters to ensure that the critical facility’s power quality is not compromised. CUHK Medical Centre is also installed with a complete lighting protection solution designed with Helita lighting arresters and Hakel surge protection devices.