Static Var Generators

Static Var Generator  

SVG is a new generation of reactive power compensation solution. It is a semiconductor based switching technology using IGBT devices and DSP feedback control based on the Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) concept.

Reactive power compensation has become more challenging in modern facilities due to presence of harmonics load and leading power factor condition.

Traditional switch capacitor bank are not suitable to be applied in such situation. There are risk of capacitor triggered harmonics resonance which result in abrupt overheating and possible explosion and fire incident from the capacitors.

The SVG technology provides an innovative way to compensate power factor in both leading and lagging condition. The continuously adjusted reactive power flow will be able to handle rapid changes in the network. The application of the compensation reactive power is delivered in a step-less manner without the over/under step that is typical in conventional capacitor bank solution.

The SVG operates in a fundamentally different basis compared with conventional capacitor bank. Being an IGBT power electronics technology, the SVG operates with a constant impedance towards its output circuit. This character allows the SVG to avoid the resonance condition typically found in conventional capacitor bank. Making the SVG the perfect solution to be applied in modern facility where harmonics loads are prevalent.

Datacenters have another issue with leading power factor that is created from server loads. There are no viable solution to compensate a leading power factor network using conventional capacitor bank. SVG is a best solution to solve this issue with its ability to operate seamlessly between lagging to leading power factor without any modification.

The SVG provides 2 functions:

  1. Reactive power compensation covering inductive to capacitive mode
  2. Load balancing between phases

The SVG is very robust and is immune to network pollution stress. It utilize a step-less compensation output that is able to adapt to changes in the network condition continuously. 

The SVG provide the following benefits compared with traditional Switched Capacitor Bank system:

  1. Fast response time of less than 10ms
  2. No risk from system resonance 
  3. Precise compensation
  4. Operate seamlessly between inductive to capacitive compensation
  5. Less than half the space requirement vs conventional cap bank of same capacity
  6. Less output capacity derate during line voltage drop
  7. Rated capacity remains steady over 10 years MTBF

SVG can be applied in networks that require robust and rapid responding compensation. The following are some typical applications:

  1. Network with many VFD driven motor loads
  2. Welding and Arc Furnace operating network
  3. PFC to be mounted right next to motor load in tight space
  4. Diesel genset network running in island mode with non-linear loads