DAXView Mini

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Compact IoT DDC

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DAXView mini is a new generation of IoT enabled DDC that is designed to be easy for installation, easy to use and compact in size.

• Easy to setup using the integrated Web configurator
• Easily fitted into small electrical sub distribution enclosure commonly found at end user premise
• Easy to expand for additional Digital Input points
• Passive cooling for low maintenance and good energy efficiency
• Industrial grade to operate in elevated ambient temperature up to 70⁰C

Suitable for use in critical facility, industrial, commercial and residential projects to monitor remote equipment status, power meter trending and environmental condition logging. The DAXView mini monitors user equipment status via Digital Input contact and send SMS notification upon status change. User can customized each SMS message to suit their application needs. Automated report is compiled into CSV text file and sent via Email. The report contains data log reading and Digital Input status change event with time stamp.


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The key features of the DAXView mini are:

• Integrated 4G Cellular Modem (for sending SMS, Email, Cloud App message transmission via Internet MQTT)
• Digital Input Dry Contact type (30pts standard, expandable to 60pts with expansion Di-modules)
• Modbus RTU device logging (2x RS485 channels, supporting up to 60pcs of Digital Power Meter/ Digital Protection Relay or Generic Modbus devices)
• Modbus TCP slave device logging (Ethernet RJ45, supporting IP devices up to 240 in the same IP subnet)
• Analog Input logging (2x Analog 4-20mA channels)
• Data Exchange Export for Modbus-TCP
• Data Exchange Export for BACnet-TCP
• MQTT Event Push message for Alert notification over Cloud App

Some typical use cases of DAXView mini:

• Remote status notification via SMS for Circuit Breaker Trip, On/Off Circuit Breaker State Changes, Water leakage detection, Fire alarm alert, Protection Relay Trip Status
• Record logging of Digital power meter parameter reading and auto report delivery via Email as CSV reports
• Auto Email sending of Summary of Event Alert notifications with NTP synced time stamp
• Data Exchange by consolidating Downstream power meter device reading and Digital Input Status to Upstream Building Management System

Built-in Web Configurator:

The DAXView mini provides a built-in web configurator to setup the device operation without any programming effort. The web configurator is also design for ease of operation without special training required.

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Harden security measures:

• The DAXView mini Web configurator function is only accessible from internal private Local Area Network and is blocked at the Internet Gateway.
• Incoming traffic are blocked at the 4G Modem.
• Data sent via Internet connectivity are encrypted via MQTT/TLS.
• Continuous firmware and application update is provided by DAXView and can be loaded to the device via OTTA or local USB transfer.


DAXView mini – Application for IoT Enabled DDC