Filter Reactors

Compensation of reactive power merely by capacitors without any reactors is not always permissible in networks to which generator of harmonics, such as static converters, are connected. These harmonics can lead to serious problems such as overheating of cables, motors and transformers, tripping of circuit breakers, capacitor overloading and failures, excitation of network resonance, etc.

Harmonic filter equipment, consisting of a capacitor and a series reactor, are generally recommended when converter loads, which generate harmonics, exceed about 15 to 20% of the total consumer load. These filter circuits offer major advantages to the system, such as the protection of the capacitors against resonances alongside its high frequency currents and filtering properties.

As a leading integrated solution provider in the field of power factor correction and harmonic filtering equipment, MUN HEAN has a team of experts which offers a spectrum of services, such as consultancy, on-site measurement, detailed reporting, problem analysis, design and build of filter circuit equipment, testing and commissioning, etc, to many power quality problems experienced in today’s industrial facilities.

Filter Reactors  

Dealing with problems involving harmonic frequencies in power systems is part of HvM’s daily routine since 1974. Its vast experience and expertise in this field of specialization, together with self-defined high demands for quality and reliability have well-established HvM as a global leading manufacturer for filter reactors over the years.

MH Reactors  

MUN HEAN presents an economical mitigation device to solving harmonic problems – the 7% detuned reactor, in compliance with IEC 60076-6. An optimized design to suit the requirements of various reactive power capacities; MH filter reactors offers increased accuracy and compatibility in harmonic filtering processes. (other detuning factors available upon request)