Power Capacitors

Low Voltage Capacitors  

MH Vishay ESTA Low Voltage Capacitors have been designed for Power Factor Correction in low voltage plants. Loads such as motors and transformers consume real power as well as reactive power. Generators, supply cables, and other electrical distribution equipment should be relieved from reactive power.

MH Vishay ESTA Low Voltage Capacitors are based on MKP-technology. The active element consists of metallized polypropylene film with self-healing properties. Three winding elements are encapsulated in one aluminum casing and connected to form a true 3-phase capacitor. In a stacked assembly, these winding elements greatly reduce the risk of device breakdown. 

The design ensures the highest safety by self-healing technology as well as by an overpressure tear-off fuse to prevent the capacitor from bursting at the end of service life, or due to inadmissible electrical or thermal overloads. 

We offer both oil-impregnated and dry versions. Both versions comply with the highest temperature class D specified by the standards. For filter applications, oil-impregnated design in particular, provides excellent heat dissipation which helps to overcome very high loads. With a higher safety margin by design, the oil-impregnated design offers a life expectancy of >150,000 operating hours.

MH Vishay ESTAprop/ESTAdry PhMKP-type Capacitors

Capacitors in cylindrical aluminum casing have been designed for power factor correction in low-voltage applications ≤ 1000V.  Its unique construction method ensures excellent heat dissipation and constant capacitance over an extended period of time.

MH Vishay ESTAdry D-Type Capacitor

Capacitor in triangular aluminum casing has been designed for Power Factor Correction in both indoor and outdoor applications. With a standard rating of 50Kvar, the D-Type series offer a larger capacity in a single unit than that of the cylindrical type, with outputs up to 30Kvar, depending on their rated voltage.

MH Vishay ESTAprop/ESTAdry Cylindrical Capacitors, 116mm Diameter

Capacitors in rectangular steel casing have been designed for high current filter circuit applications in low voltage plants. The purpose of tuned and detuned filters is the protection of electrical equipment and reduction of harmonics.  DW-Type capacitors have an excellent current-carrying capability and may be built for high voltages as well as high loads within one casing. 

High Voltage Capacitors & Equipment  

MH Vishay ESTA High Voltage Capacitors have been designed for applications such as Power Factor Correction, HVDC transmission, Static Var Compensator, harmonic filters, etc, in high voltage plants. Voltage and output ratings alongside protection devices for power capacitors can be matched precisely to customer specifications, thereby offering great flexibility.

ESTAsym MD Unbalance Protection Relay

The ESTAsym MD is designed to monitor large-capacitor equipment in a one or three double-star circuit or bridge circuit. The microprocessor-based relay computes all unbalanced values, to control the impulses to the display panel. Consequently, when the set trip values are exceeded, the alarm triggers off.

MH Vishay ESTA High Voltage Capacitors

Designed for applications such as standard Power Factor Correction in medium voltage plants, filter circuits for SVC and HVDC transmission, etc. Incorporating a sophisticated development program involving all materials and processes in its manufacturing, the highest reliability and quality control of the power capacitors are ensured. 

Furnace Capacitors (For Induction Equipment)  

MH Vishay ESTA Furnace Capacitors have been designed for high temperature engineering, as static power capacitors for inductive heating plant compensation. Customised to client’s specifications, the frequency, output ratings and the types of cooling system for the capacitors can be incorporated precisely to ensuring optimum suitability to specific applications.


Static power capacitors for induction heating installations

  • IEC 60110-1
  • EN 60110-1+2
  • Mains frequency: 220 – 3000 Volt, up to 800 kvar per unit
  • Medium frequency: 250 – 3000 Volt, 150 – 100,000 Hz up to 9,600 kvar per unit
Types of cooling
  • Natural cooling via air circulation
  • Forced-air fan cooling
  • Water cooling
  • Compact construction
  • Tailor-made design to customers’ needs
  • Can operate in extreme ambient conditions
  • Easy to integrate into overall system concept
Power Electronic Capacitors  

MH Vishay ESTA Capacitors for Power Electronic applications cover a large spectrum of rated voltage (AC or DC), capacitance, and other electrical parameters. These capacitors are developed mainly for applications in static converters for locomotives, DC supply equipment and in resonant filter circuits, etc.

  • DC Supply equipment for radio and TV stations
  • High-tension cascades
  • Static converters for:

    Heavy-haul locomotives
    – Light local trains 
    Trolley buses 
    Trams/street cars
    Industrial converters

  • Pulsed energy (e.g. in laser systems and nuclear research)
  • High and low voltage testing systems


  • IEC 61071 -1+2
  • IEC 61881
  • VDE 0560/11
  • VDE 0560/12


  • DC up to 100 kV and 100 kJ per unit
  • AC up to 24 kV per unit


  • Use of the appropriate dielectric materials ensures the optimum suitability to specific applications
  • Dry and oil-filled regions
  • Biodegradable impregnants
  • Various safety features
    Overpressure monitoring 
    Overpressure disconnection 
    Segmented metallized 
    Internal and external fuses
  • Metal and plastic casing
  • Special designs upon request