Coaxial Cable

MH Coaxial Down-Conductor Cable  

Coaxial Down-Conductor Cable 50mm2
Compact and safe coaxial down-conductor cable for discharging direct lightning strike current from roof finale point to earthing pit.

The coaxial cable is manufactured using multi-stranded concentric copper conductor with special overlay of semi-conducting wrapping and bonded insulation jacket. This design provides the following benefits:
• High impulse withstand voltage rating of 100kV @ 1.2/50us
• Low cable impedance
• High sheath insulation level

The coaxial cable has been tested by Qingdao Scistd Testing Research Institute Co. Ltd.

Coaxial lightning discharge cable provides higher safety measure to effectively direct a high voltage current flow from a lightning event to a grounding pit. It minimizes the chance of flash over, touch voltage exposure risk & cracked conductor when compared with conventional flat bare metal down conductor.

The coaxial cable is designed to be flexible and can be installed without lateral movement restriction. The cable can be installed inside vertical riser shaft of tall building.