EMS Software Solutions

Modern facilities such as DataCenter, Hospital, Shopping Mall, Commercial Highrise Office require accurate energy usage management and realtime monitoring of critical load operation status. Janitza GridVis is the Web Based Energy Management System, developed with the input from industrial expert on energy and power quality management. It provide a suite of report and analysis tools to help Facility Operation Management, Plant Engineer and System Analyst to managed both technical and financial status of the plant. Key Performance Index such as PUE and COP calculation are presented in user friendly GUI and can be incorporated with external operation data sources such as human traffic volume, weather condition, production volume, carbon footprint etc. Live view mimic diagram with geographic zooming function allow displaying of the current realtime status of all plant devices.

Specialized power quality reporting that comply to industry standard such as IEC 61000-2-4, EN 50160, ITIC are integrated into the GridVis features with auto assessment routine, producing a pass/failed summary report to reduce the workload of operation teams. One of the specialized report is the “Total Facility Availability” report which is developed for the DataCenter operator in mind. The report automated the collation of transient events (typically in 20-100ms duration) interruption times which are normally overlooked by conventional BMS.

Alert alarms ticketing are built into the dashboard Alarm Management with configurable alarm limit level setting for every device. Upon exceeding a limit level, an alarm ticket will be registered and displayed on the dashboard. Notification emails and Mobile SMS are sent to the respective operation personnel. Operation personnel can login to their working page and acknowledge and update alarm status.