Facility & Energy Management Systems in Modern Facilities

Facility & Energy Management Systems in Modern Facilities

Power Quality Monitoring and Energy Management Systems (EMS) are essential in critical facilities. Increasingly, other industries such as hospitality and educational institutes are also setting up EMS systems. A carefully designed EMS not only collects essential data, it also sends early warnings to red flag electrical failure points that could cause power disruptions. 

Mun Hean Singapore is proud to have completed two such EMS projects; Nexus International School and Orchard Rendezvous Hotel. 

Nexus International School is a state-of-the-art private institute that boasts impressive facilities such as an Olympic-sized swimming pool, a grand auditorium and a 2-storey library. The EMS system designed by the Mun Hean PQ team, is integrated with 300 pcs of Janitza 96RM power meters. The EMS not only provides real-time power monitoring, it is also designed to monitor water consumption of the campus, including the swimming pool. With a Power Monitoring system in place, the Nexus International School is awarded the coveted Green Mark certification for its sustainable design and compliance to best practices in operations in the building.

Orchard Rendezvous Hotel is the latest hotel to be established in the heart of Singapore’s shopping district. Developed by the renowned Far East Hospitality, the facility is awarded ‘Gold’ for its Green Mark Certification. Like the Nexus International School, the EMS is designed by Mun Hean’s PQ specialists and installed with Janitza 96RM power meters and MH kWh meters to monitor both the HT and LT electrical system. Given the EMS’ ease of integration to third-party systems, the system is integrated to Orchard Rendezvous Hotel Work Order Management System.