Jewel Changi Airport – A Mun Hean Project Reference

Jewel Changi Airport – A Mun Hean Project Reference


Singapore – The Jewel Changi Airport has received such extensive media coverage and social attention that it probably requires no further introduction. Named best airport in the World for the 6th years running, Singapore Changi Airport has added another gem to its crown.

The Jewel is a mixed-use development with design inspirations out of the movie Avatar. It is a shopping mall, theme park, collection of restaurants and eateries nestled in a rainforest centred by a towering 40 meters-high waterfall. The Jewel gives reason for transiting passengers to spend extended hours to immerse themselves in the engineering marvel. It also provides a new marketplace and urban park for the local residents.

Mun Hean is proud to add the Jewel Changi Airport in our global list of prestigious project references. Over 200 units of MH Protection Relays have been installed at the Jewel. In addition to protecting the main electrical distribution system, MH Earth Fault Relays, Earth Leakage Relays and Combined Overcurrent & Earth Fault Relays paired with MH ZCTs have been installed to protect the Air-conditioning system of the Jewel.

The electrical system at Jewel Changi Airport needs to accommodate the demands of different electrical load profiles and requires electrical protection devices at the premium end. The MH DTL EF18 Earth Fault Relay in particular, is an ANSI 86 lockout relay designed with MH relay’s proprietary mechanical trip button (MTB) fault indication system. It allows the electrical system to be protected under the highest safety standard.

Amongst Mun Hean’s extensive list of notable project references, Mun Hean is proud to add the Jewel Changi Airport as another feather in their cap.