Mun Hean Kitchen Challenge 2019

Mun Hean Kitchen Challenge 2019

“Ready, get set, cook!”

The start of 2019 was a little different for the team at Mun Hean Singapore. Taking some time off from the office, the team put on their chef caps, custom-made ‘MH’ aprons and painted the kitchen red in a cook-off, Mun Hean style.

In 90 minutes, 4 competing teams produced a different 3-course menu under the theme of ‘Singaporean’, ‘Italian’, ‘Middle Eastern’, and ‘Japanese’, including a desert using one mystery-box of ingredients. When one would expect an environment resembling a pressure-cooker, it was anything but. Teams get into the thick of the action in the spirit of merry-making and team-bonding. When the 90 minutes were up, and the flour has settled, the kitchen was transferred into a dining hall where everyone sat together and tasted the fruits of their endeavour.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable event and the Mun Hean Singapore team brought home with them some memories that would incite banter for weeks to come. In a footnote to this story, team ‘Singapore’ was declared the winning team for their preparation of Hainanese chicken rice, chilli crab ragu and man tou.