PQM Seminar at New Orient Hotel, Da Nang, Vietnam

PQM Seminar at New Orient Hotel, Da Nang, Vietnam

Mun Hean Vietnam Co., Ltd, together with Tuan Huy Electric Co., Ltd, conducted a Power Quality Management seminar at New Orient Hotel, Da Nang on 27 July 2018.


This seminar was led by Mr. Hoang Anh, Product and Marketing Manager of Mun Hean Vietnam Co., Ltd, who presented Sinexcel AHF, SVG and SPC solutions to solve major problems in electric networks such as harmonics, lagging power factor and phase unbalance.

The seminar was graced by guest speaker, Mr. Vo Hoa, Vice President of EVN Da Nang Power Co., Ltd who shared his knowledge and experiences on facing harmonics in electrical network. Around 50 participants, including owners, ME contractor, designer and consultants attended the event.

At the venue, leading power quality solutions were exhibited, showcasing the latest products from Vishay power capacitors, MH Relays, Hakel surge protection devices, Hakel Isoguard and MH instruments.



Participants took a keen interest in the live demonstrations of the Sinexcel AHF and SVG. The demonstration involved operating a live nonlinear load to inject harmonics into an electrical system. The harmonics compensation was captured by Janitza Power Analyzer, UMG508. The demonstration gave the audience a firm grasp of how the AHF dynamically compensates harmonics in the system and how the SVG instantaneously corrects leading/ lagging power factor while simultaneously balances the three phases.